Hilary Duff's Fans Blame Her Choice of Food for Infant Daughter's Colic Issues

Shortly after the 'Younger' actress uploads a photo of her eating Brussels sprouts while breastfeeding, her social media account gets flooded with advice from fellow mothers.

AceShowbiz - Hilary Duff has never been shy about her healthy food choices, but they have recently provoked others to throw advice her way. On Tuesday, January 1, the former "Lizzie McGuire" star shared a photo of her eating Brussels sprouts while breastfeeding on Instagram, and a number of followers were quick to point out the negative effects the greens give to her baby girl.

One follower wrote on the comment section of Duff's post, "Brussel sprouts will make your baby gassy. I know you're a super healthy eater, but cutting back for now on those will help." Another one noted, "Brussel sprout aren't good when you breastfeeding they give gas to the baby...ive learned that in the hard way."

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A third one shared her own personal experience, "When ever i ate Brussels sprouts and cabbage, it use to cause my baby's tummy to hurt." A fourth pointed out similar concern, "sweetheart that right there could be the reason for colic.... Brussels sprouts are a very gassy food as well as cabbage and could be causing sweet baby a tummy ache."

While many told Duff to avoid the vegetable, there are others who backed her. One in particular was board-certified pediatrician Dr. Jen Trachtenberg. She told Us Weekly, "Babies are often gassy and crying because they are babies and it's not food related. Moms can unnecessarily end up on just bread and water from restricting so many potential gassy foods."

Trachtenberg also reached out to the "Younger" actress on the comment section of her Instagram post. Quoting her statement to Us Weekly, she added, "any other questions just let me know ! Always willing to support other moms!"

Prior to uploading the Brussels sprouts post, Duff made a desperate plea over her infant daughter's colic problem. "Calling all parents of colic babies," she shared in an earlier post, "this ends right? Can you ever set them down with out them screaming OR waking up? We have read everything the internet has to offer... nothing besides nursing basically every hour or less helps! We have done all the obvious things ..please leave magic tricks in comments."

Duff gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Matthew Koma on October 25. When announcing the arrival of the baby girl, the "So Yesterday" singer revealed that they have named the newborn Banks Violet Bair. In addition to Banks, she has another child with ex-husband Mike Comrie.

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