When one fan replies to her mocking reply, the 'Just Give Me a Reason' hitmaker fires back by asking the Instagram user, 'What are your credentials in Parenting expertise?'

AceShowbiz - Pink has slammed a social media critic for shaming her husband Carey Hart's parenting skills and accusing him of having a "complete lack of regard" for their children's well-being.

Former motocross professional Carey has frequently come under scrutiny online for the way he raises their seven-year-old daughter Willow and son Jameson, who turns two on December 26, and this week found himself under attack for taking their family dirt biking without what some claimed was the proper safety equipment.

Carey has repeatedly brushed off the criticisms on his Instagram page, and on Thursday, December 13, Pink poked fun at the ongoing backlash by sharing a snap of their boy with chocolate all over his face and fingers.

"Chocolate is good for babies right?," she wrote. "Help me Instagram, we can't possibly parent without you."

The "Just Give Me a Reason" hitmaker's sarcastic caption prompted one fan to respond with further remarks about Carey's abilities as a dad, insisting Pink shouldn't be mocking followers for showing genuine concern for their kids.

Insisting she loves sarcasm as much as anybody, the woman replied, "but with your husband being in the spotlight so often with his complete lack of regard for proper care or concern at times with your kids, this comment isn't funny..."

"I love your music, your kids are beautiful, but your husband, I'm sorry, lacks the responsibility your kids need in his care."

She went on to acknowledge the likelihood of being blocked by Pink for her statements, and added, "I'll miss your posts."

Pink decided to address the remarks directly, and questioned the follower for feeling the need to weigh in on Hart as a parent, considering she doesn't even know him.

"You sound well informed on the performance of my husband as a father," the singer began. "Answer me this: how often have you spent time with my husband? How often have you watched him parent? Do you know my children? Are you aware of their development?"

"Even better: what are your credentials in Parenting expertise? Are you a perfect parent? S**t, are you even a parent? A psychologist? A teacher? These are bold statements from a social media spectator...".

Pink explained that she had decided not to block the woman because "it's not worth the trouble," and ended her response with another sarcastic swipe.

"God bless your perfect path. I have no interest in that myself," she concluded. "However, do check in from time to time to let us all know what other teachings you may have for us, oh perfect f**king stranger."

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