Opening up about the arrival of her second son with Robie Uniacke, the leading lady of 'A Private War' claims she let her body take over because there was no time for pain medication.

AceShowbiz - Rosamund Pike has opened up about the surprise early arrival of her second child.

The "Gone Girl" actress and her mathematical researcher partner Robie Uniacke are parents to two sons, six-year-old Solo and Atom, three.

While Rosamund is typically guarded about her private life, she has now shared that she went into labour early with Atom and ended up giving birth in her mother's home.

"There was no time for pain medication, no time to get to the clinic, so I just let my body take over," she said in an interview with Town & Country magazine. "I thought, If I can let my mind go somewhere else, my body will do the job."

Thankfully, Rosamund's son was happy and healthy. But she believes that her body "absorbed the trauma," with that experience, and others informing her acting performances, like in her portrayal of journalist Marie Colvin in her new film "A Private War".

"So much of this work is mysterious...I don't want to analyse it too much. The body just takes over, and I do it," the 39-year-old insisted.

Shot in Jordan and London, "A Private War" explores celebrated war correspondent Marie's story, and tells of her desire to head to the frontline of conflicts across the globe to give voice to the voiceless. And Rosamund became so absorbed in her role, and mimicking the writer's hunched over posture, that she actually shrunk.

"When I went for a medical examination after 'A Private War'. I was one and a half centimetres shorter," she noted, adding that she has since returned to her usual height by carrying out back exercises.

"A Private War", which also stars Jamie Dornan and Stanley Tucci, is now showing in U.S. cinemas and opens in the U.K. next February, 2019.

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