Justin Bieber Wants to Have Babies Soon With Fiancee Hailey Baldwin

While Justin and Hailey look beyond happy, one of Justin's closest people appears to be hesitating to give his blessing on their engagement.

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber has his future with fiancee Hailey Baldwin locked. The 24-year-old "Sorry" singer even has ideas for their ideal family with the 21-year-old model as he reportedly can't wait to have children.

"Justin knew Hailey was the one for a loryt of reasons. He feels like they are a perfect match and they compliment each other well," a source close to the Canadian heartthrob tells HollywoodLife.com.

"Justin loves that he and Hailey share similar spiritual values, dreams for a family and ideas for their future together," the source continues. "Plus, Justin feels like they have incredible attraction and chemistry together. He can't keep his hands off her and can’t wait to get started making babies with Hailey. He is hoping for at least one boy and girl. Justin thinks he and Hailey will have gorgeous children and he knows she is going to be an amazing mom too!"

Of the couple, who got engaged on July 7 during their romantic vacay in the Bahamas, the source adds, "Justin and Hailey have been inseparable since their engagement. Their bond is stronger than ever since getting engaged and the two have been spending almost every moment together for weeks. Justin has never been happier about any decision he has ever made in his life and the love he feels for Hailey has only grown since making her his fiancee."

While Justin and Hailey look beyond happy following their engagement, one of Justin's closest people appears to be hesitating to give his blessing on the Biebz and the model's engagement. Carl Lentz, the pastor at the Hillsong church who was inseparable from Justin, were caught camera having trouble congratulating Justin on the happy news.

According to TMZ, the two have a major faling out. The singer alleged was mad at the pastor and broke ties with the latter. Lentz refuses to comment on his personal relationship with the young pop star.

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