Michael Douglas 'Jealous' of Paul Rudd's Comedic Lines in 'Ant-Man' Sequel
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The Dr. Hank Pym depicter gushes over his co-star, saying, 'He's got a great sense of comedy.'

AceShowbiz - Michael Douglas grew "a little jealous" of Paul Rudd while filming the new "Ant-Man" sequel, because his co-star was given all the funny lines.

The two actors reunite for "Ant-Man and the Wasp", in which Michael returns as Dr. Hank Pym, the scientist who first created and became the titular shrinking superhero, with Paul reprising his role as the new incarnation of Ant-Man.

The "Wall Street" star has nothing but good things to say about Paul, but admits he was slightly annoyed to discover he was lumped with all of the technical jargon in the movie, and wasn't given the opportunity to add any comedic moments for himself.

"He's a lovely, lovely man, he's just a great guy, very talented," Michael shared of Paul.

"(I'm) a little jealous in this picture," the 73-year-old confessed. "He's got a great sense of comedy. I had to kinda carry the storyline, you know, all that (scientific) stuff. Anyone wants to talk about the quantum realm, I'm your man!

"I'd work my way through a scene, talking away, and old Paul would have a little funny moment right at the end to sort of just steal the scene!"

Michael will likely be hoping to crack a few jokes of his own onscreen if Marvel studio bosses decide to add another "Ant-Man" film to the franchise, although he recently proposed the idea of a prequel, focusing more on the background of Dr. Pym.

"How about getting Hank back to his prime age as the Original Ant-Man and kick some serious a**?" he excitedly told Screen Rant. "I'm ready. I'm geared. I need a good stunt double. You know, I'll find him, but now you can make me look 40 years younger (with computer-generated imagery), let's do the whole job!"

Director Peyton Reed previously used CGI technology to make Michael look years younger for a flashback scene in the original "Ant-Man" release.

"Ant-Man and the Wasp", starring Evangeline Lilly as Pym's daughter, aka the Wasp, opens in theatres from next week (ends July 6).

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