Tyrese Gibson Fights in New Custody Battle to Take Daughter to Atlanta
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The actor claims that he has 'created a stable and loving environment' for Shayla 'in an affluent and safe neighborhood' in the city.

AceShowbiz - "Fast and Furious" star Tyrese Gibson is preparing for another custody fight with his ex-wife after asking a judge to let him take their daughter to Atlanta, Georgia.

The movie star and his ex, Nora, duked it out in court last year after she accused him of spanking their child so severely she couldn't sit down.

During the legal spat, Tyrese was prevented from seeing 10-year-old Shayla.

He was finally awarded 50/50 custody and now wants primary custody, so he can raise her in Atlanta.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, he insists it would be in his daughter's "best interest" to relocate from Los Angeles, where she lives with her mother, to Georgia, where he claims he has "created a stable and loving environment" for Shayla "in an affluent and safe neighborhood".

The actor and singer also insists his kid will have her own room and bathroom and she'll attend a top private school and have access to a tutor. He has also promised to make sure Shayla keeps up a good relationship with her mother by covering her travel costs back and forth between Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Gibson argues that if Shayla remains in Los Angeles with her mum, Norma will continue to "interfere in my relationship and my custodial time with Shayla and will not facilitate my relationship with her."

Meanwhile, Tyrese is set to become a father again in September 2018 - his new wife Samantha is pregnant.

Gibson shared the news in a fake movie trailer, which he narrated and posted online in early April.

Samantha admitted she has been honing her mothering skills on her stepdaughter Shayla, adding the 10-year-old has been "asking for siblings since I've known her".

Tyrese and his wife plan to have the baby in Los Angeles but raise her at the family home in Georgia, where Tyrese and Samantha tied the knot on Valentine's Day last year.

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