The 'Runaway' rapper refuses to make peace with the Canadian spitter because he believes the latter 'crossed the line' in unforgivable ways.

AceShowbiz - Pusha T is refusing to make peace with Drake as he believes the rapper "crossed the line" in unforgivable ways.

The two rappers' public animosity was sparked by lyrics from "Infrared", a track on Pusha's latest album "Daytona", which alleged the Canadian didn't write his own lyrics. Drake responded with "Duppy Freestyle", a diss track in which he mentioned his rap rival's fiancee Virginia Williams.

Pusha then hit back by releasing "The Story of Adidon", a song in which he alleged his enemy has a secret lovechild - and which was accompanied by cover art featuring an old photograph of Drake in blackface.

In a phone interview with BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac, Pusha said he believed the Toronto rapper had proved he had no moral code by bringing family members into their dispute - and slammed his decision to appear in blackface as grossly offensive.

"I always thought women and children off limit - always" he told Annie. "This is a sport. To mention my fiancee by name in a song, you crossed the line. That just shows he doesn't even know certain codes and principles and know you should know that you never take a photo in blackface - it's very tastless, there's so many levels it's tasteless on."

Drake, 31, has released a statement explaining the image - writing that the photo was taken during a 2007 project exploring black actors' problems with typecasting and how African-Americans have historically been portrayed in racist ways in entertainment.

The statement has not satisfied the 41-year-old however, as he fumed: "I need answers on all the principles and cultural things that you lack, you crossed too many lines."

He also reiterated the accusation that the Toronto musician employed ghostwriters, and went on to claim that he was also taught exactly how to perform his lyrics, saying that if he was angry at the claims he was just "mad at the truth".

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