'Survivor: Ghost Island' Finds Its Winner After Epic Tie

At the final tribal, two of the final three contestants earn tie score, making the other finalist decide who will bring home the coveted $1 million grand prize.

AceShowbiz - In the Wednesday, May 23 episode of "Survivor: Ghost Island", one of the six remaining contestants would be named as the season 36 winner. Angela Perkins, Sebastian Noel, Donathan Hurley, Laurel Johnson, Wendell Holland Jr. and Domenick Abbate were competing against each other to nab $1 million grand prize at the end of the episode.

The episode saw the alliances starting to fall apart. Dom had a hidden immunity idol and a fake one. Meanwhile, Sebastian had an extra vote and Wendell had an immunity idol. At the immunity challenge, the contestants had to navigate a massive maze before solving a difficult puzzle.

Wendell won, leading him to choose two people who would join him for a steak dinner reward. Wendell picked Sebastian and Angela. Although Wendell claimed he chose Angela because she hadn't eaten lately, Laurel started to doubt her alliance with Wendell and worried that he might turn on her soon.

Later at the reward, Wendell, Sebastian and Angela agreed to vote for Donathan. Meanwhile, Sebastian who had an extra vote planned to vote out Domenick. However, Domenick appeared to be aware of the plan. He later put out two immunity idols, one of which was fake. Before the vote started, he gave the fake idol to Jeff and let the tribe decide whether it had power or not.

After everyone was done voting, Dom revealed that he was planning to make a $1 million gamble by not playing his real immunity idol. His acting appeared to be convincing enough as Sebastian was outed without being able to use his extra vote.

The next immunity challenge saw the players navigating water and land obstacle and later completed a puzzle. Wendell came out as the winner, making himself one of the final four. Since Dom had an immunity idol, he joined Wendell in the top 4. Dom wanted Laurel out as he saw her as a threat. However, Wendell shockingly revealed that he played his immunity idol for Laurel. It was announced later that the votes went all to Donathan and he was eliminated.

The players had to stack six balls while balancing on a wobbly platform. Dom won the challenge and nabbed a spot in the final tribal. The winner would bring one to the final three, while the remaining two would fight against each other for the final spot.

Dom chose Laurel to go to the final three with him. With that being said, Angela and Wendell had to compete in the fire-making competition which the latter won. The jury at final tribal found it difficult to choose who to vote. Dom and Wendell were later announced to earn 5 votes each, making Laurel the final decision maker regarding who would bring home $1 million. Laurel then picked Wendell! Congratulations!

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