Terry Crews Credits Mark Hamill for 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Revival

The 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' actor thanks the 'Star Wars' vet for his supportive tweet which, along with protest by millions of other fans, helped the show get picked up by NBC.

AceShowbiz - Terry Crews thanked Mark Hamill for helping to resurrect his show "Brooklyn Nine-Nine". Hours after news broke on Thursday, May 10, that FOX had canceled the comedy series after five seasons, the "Star Wars" icon took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

"Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I'm SO not ready to say #ByeBye99. Be forewarned @FOXTV-when networks dump shows I love, I'm known for holding grudges a long, L-O-N-G time. I'm still mad @CBS didn't renew #SquarePegs! #EverythingILikeGetsCancelled." he shared.

On Friday, it was announced that NBC would be reviving the show for its sixth season, after a huge outcry on social media.

And Crews, who plays Sergeant Terrance Vincent 'Terry' Jeffords on the show, shared his love for Hamill on Saturday, May 12. "@HamillHimself I want to personally THANK YOU Mark for using the power of the force to save Brooklyn Nine Nine! *Wipes dirt off shoulder*," he posted.

The 66-year-old, who plays Luke Skywalker in the sci-fi saga, quickly replied to Crews and wrote, " 'Thanks @terrycrews, the pleasure was all mine!' he said, accepting full-credit while ignoring the 99 gazillion other fans who love this show & collectively really made it happen. #99IsSoFine."

"TERRY LOVES NBC," and "YOU DID IT INTERNET!" Crews wrote after news broke that the show was being resurrected, and later thanked "Stranger Things" star Sean Astin for his supportive post on Twitter.

"Here's the thing about Brooklyn 99 being cancelled, I don't want it to be. I love all of those people & they earned the right 2 have a final season victory lap where I could emotionally prepare. Don't know them. Have nothing 2 do with the show. I'm just a fan who deserves better," Astin shared, with Crews sweetly replying, "I love you too Sean!"

NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt announced the exciting news in a statement on Friday, just one day after "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was abruptly canceled by rival network FOX. "Ever since we sold this show to FOX I've regretted letting it get away, and it's high time it came back to its rightful home," he said in a statement.

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