The 'Speed Racer' star has reported the obsessed fan to police after she wrote some disturbing messages on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - Los Angeles police officials are investigating reports suggesting "Speed Racer" star Emile Hirsch has been targeted by a self-confessed "obsessed stalker." The actor has filed a police report after receiving disturbing messages from a female fan via Instagram.

According to TMZ, the devotee and Emile exchanged pleasantries on social media before things started to get a little dark. In documents obtained by the outlet, he claims she threatened the life of his infant son, writing, "Maybe I'll run over your kid in 15-20 years. Maybe I'll run that s**t over with my car. I don't forget. I can't."

She reportedly added, "Do I need to mention the word DANGEROUS OBSESSED STALKER WITH POSSIBLE WEAPONS to get some attention here?" and freaked the actor out by reminding him, "you're just a plane ride away."

The unnamed woman has also phoned the actor's father.

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