Shia LaBeouf Says 'I F****d Up' in His First Interview After Mortifying Arrest

The 'Transformers' star admits in a new interview that he 'f****d up' after he was arrested for public drunkenness in 2017.

AceShowbiz - Shia LaBeouf has opened up about his mortifying arrest in Savannah, Georgia in July 2017. He was arrested for public drunkenness while filming "The Peanut Butter Falcon". In October the same year, he was found guilty to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction and was placed on a year's probation. In a new interview with Esquire, he said that he "f****d up."

The ruckus started at 4:00 A.M. on July 8 when Shia got drunk and asked two pedestrians, one of whom was a cop, to bum a smoke. The request was denied. He ignored the cop who asked him to calm down and was handcuffed and brought to police station. Footage showed Shia bragging about his "millionaire lawyers." He also belittled a black cop for being "stuck in a police force that doesn't give a f**k 'bout you. So you want to arrest, what, white people who give a f**k?" He said so many nasty things, including calling various cops "b***h" and "w***e."

When asked about the time he was arrested, Shia said, "What went on in Georgia was mortifying. White privilege and desperation and disaster. It came from a place of self-centered delusion. It was me trying to absolve myself of guilt for getting arrested." He added, "I f****d up."

The morning he got out of jail, Shia attended a small party of the cast and crew. No one brought up the arrest into topic. Then, Zachary Gottsagen arrived and told him, "You're already famous. This is my chance. And you're ruining it." Recalling the moment, he said, "To hear him say that he was disappointed in me probably changed the course of my life."

He also got drunk while filming "Lawless (2012)". He drank moonshine by the gallon to get into character. He wrote a message from his character into the door of Mia Wasikowska's hotel room and he knocked his co-star Tom Hardy out. Fortunately, Tom did not bring the case before judges.

Tom understood the actor's situation at that time. He told Esquire, "A performer is asked to do two things, to be disciplined and accountable, communicative and a pleasure to work with. And then, within a split second, they're asked to be a psychopath, authentically. It takes a very strong human being to sustain a genuine sense of well-being through that baptism of fire. Drama is not known to attract stable types."

In addition to his story of the arrest, childhood trauma, substance abuse, therapy and recovery, Shia has a unique story with Kanye West. In an outtake of his song "No More Parties in L.A.", Kanye said, "I wish I dressed as fresh as Shia LaBeouf."

The actor also said that his mom is obsessed with Kanye. After bringing his mom to Kanye's backstage, he decided to donate his wardrobe to the rapper as he did not feel attached to his wardrobe. When Shia invited the rapper to his house to discuss possible collaborations, Kanye asked for some of the actor's clothes. At that time, Shia's like, "Go for it, my guy. Take everything you want," and the rapper took all his clothes. Now, he says, "The dude has a lot of my s**t."

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