Steve Harvey Is Sued for $5M for Allegedly Stalking and Harassing

The 60-year-old comedian is sued by Fred Berry's widow who claims that he 'used considerable financial resources and power to frame and defame her.'

AceShowbiz - %cSteve Harvey% has once again found himself in a huge scandal. New reports suggest that the TV personality is sued for allegedly stalking, harassing and even "murdering" someone's "emotional state of mind."

According to Radar Online, Essie Berry filed a $5 million lawsuit against Harvey on March 8. Berry, who is the widow of "What's Happening!!" star Fred Berry, claimed that she was offered to participate on a reality TV show called "Widow: Wives and Ex Celebrity Wives" and reached out to Harvey's ex Mary Vaughn to join her on the show in 2013.

Berry stressed that she didn't know that Vaughn signed a nondisclosure agreement that banned her from speaking about her past marriage and any problems they had. Harvey then allegedly accused her of being a "co-conspirator" and an "extortionist." She believed he did that to "shatter and murder [her] emotional state of mind through the Texas court's with a lie for years."

It got worse. Berry said Harvey "used his considerable financial resources and power to frame and defame her." In addition, she claimed that he even followed her to one of her relatives' home once. At the end of 2013, she finally reported him to the police, saying he made "threats on her life." Later on, she filed a request for a restraining order.

In January 2014, Berry claimed that she requested Harvey to issue a formal apology, but he refused. "With feelings of hopelessness and depression, Ms. Berry was forced to be silent for four years in order to protect what little image she had left and to protect Vaughn, while Harvey paraded around making false allegations against both Berry and Vaughn," so the court documents read.

She is now requesting court protection due to all of the "malicious scare tactics" from Harvey and his "bullies." She also demands $5 million and an apology. Meanwhile, Harvey has not responded to the lawsuit.

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