GOT7 Wants Fans to 'Look' at Them in New Music Video

The music video features the seven-piece group showing off their incredible dance moves while rocking colorful outfits.

AceShowbiz - GOT7 is back with a new mini album. The South Korean boyband released "Eyes on You" on March 12. On the heels of the album's release, they have also debuted a music video for "Look" off the new effort.

The approximately three-and-a-half-minute video finds the seven-piece group showing off their incredible dance moves, rocking a series of colorful outfits. The end of of the clip sees member Mark turning into a bird.

The song itself is a bright house song that features the members singing about not letting other people's opinions affect you and being honest with your feelings for someone. "Just as you feel, just like that/ Will you believe in me? There's no need to be scared," they sing. "I want to find myself in those eyes/ Please look at me, yes, just like that."

"Look" is written by leader JB. In an interview ahead of the release of the album, he said of the song, " 'Look' is about not being affected by the words of others and expressing love as your heart desires. It is about being honest with your feelings of liking someone."

Several other members also participated in writing tracks for the album. For instance, BamBam wrote the track "Reason". He said, "I gained confidence as my track 'Remember You' on the previous album received lots of love, and this time I wrote a different type of song, but the reactions were good. People seem to like it, so I think fan will, too."

During the interview, Jinyoung wished that they could "promote comfortably without burden." He said, "We had lots of thoughts while making the album, so once we release the album, I want us to promote with our minds at ease. As we promote freely, I hope the comfortable atmosphere will be transferred to fans so that they can enjoy our music and stages without burden."

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