Emma Watson Debuts Time's Up Tattoo at Oscars Afterparty

The 'Beauty and the Beast' star has a Time's Up movement tattoo on her right forearm, but people notice a missing apostrophe in the script.

AceShowbiz - %cEmma Watson% was seen attending the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar party among other celebrities on Sunday, March 4. If other people show support to a movement by donating and promoting, Emma goes to the next level by sporting a tattoo to show her mission at the afterparty. The tattoo was a black cursive script that reads, "Times Up," a movement to support those who have experience sexual harassment, assault or abuse in the workplace.

Emma arrived at the party wearing a black sleeveless dress. Many people said that the script was grammatically error. It needed an apostrophe between the word "Time" and alphabet "s" to make "Time's," a contraction of "time" and "is."

Commenting on the error, @fairythoughts wrote, "Imagine Emma Watson getting a tattoo to celebrate a brilliant movement and the only thing people can talk about is the fact an apostrophe was missed on the tat."

Emma has also poked fun at the grammatical error, posting on Twitter, "Fake tattoo proofreading position available. Experience with apostrophes a must."

Some said that the script was a temporary tattoo. One source even stated that it was clearly a temporary tattoo after performing close inspection to her right forearm.

If the above statement is true, then it will not be the first time for the actress show off her fake tattoo. In 2010, she sported a temporary tattoo on her upper arm while attending Glastonbury music festival. In 2013, she also had a fake tattoo on her lower back for her role in "The Bling Ring".

The "Harry Potter" star has showed her support for Time's Up movement. She donated around $1.4 million to the Justice and Equality Fun in February. The donation was meant to drive personal, social, legal and policy changes that will ensure everyone can feel safe at work, at play and at home.

She posted on her Instagram account a photograph of several celebrities who supported the movement. She captioned it, "There is no question that #TIMESUP should be and will be a global movement. A movement that is defined and led by those affected by the problem, not by those in power."

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