Another Alleged Blac Chyna Sex Tape Leaks, Model Insists It's Not Her but a Lookalike

The 29-year-old model/reality TV star says it's not her, but the spitting image of her, despite the striking similarities between her and the woman in the newly-surfaced video.

AceShowbiz - Another alleged %cBlac Chyna% sex tape has just leaked. However, the former "Rob & Chyna" star insists that the woman featured in the newly-surfaced video that has been circulating online is not her, just the spitting image of her, TMZ reports.

The video, which is 13 minutes in length, made its way on the internet a day after Blac's oral sex video with her former beau, rapper %cMechie%, leaked. The latest video features someone who looks very much like the Lashed Bar founder, with a similar figure and hairstyle and tattoos.

The video, which first surfaced via Twitter, has since been featured on porn sites and sold as featuring the busty model. In the footage, the woman is seen with an African-American man, engaging in sex acts with him.

It's hard to prove whether or not the woman in the video is Blac, thanks to the poor quality of the footage. However, sources close to the model have confirmed to the news outlet that "the woman in the grainy footage does have significant similarities to [Blac] but it is absolutely NOT her."

The site also reports that representatives for the ex-fiancee and baby mama of %cRob Kardashian% have fired off more than 20 cease and desist letters to the porn sites that are hawking the video using Chyna's name. Her lawyers have done the same with the Mechie tape, too. They are demanding the sites take the footage down.

However, it seems like Blac's attorneys are facing personal repercussions from this. Her lawyers reportedly have received death threats in addition to those of physical and sexual violence to themselves and their children.

According to TMZ, Lisa Bloom, 56, and Walter Mosley, who have represented the 29-year-old in her lawsuit against her ex-fiance Rob and various other members of the Kardashian clan since 2017, "have been the target of death threats and now the LAPD is on the case."

Lisa and Walter reportedly have been "getting emails and Instagram messages threatening their lives and the lives of their families because they chose to rep Chyna and refused to pass a letter on to her."

One of the many threatening emails Lisa received read, "My member is searching for you. If he finds you I gave him instructions already not to kill you but beat you bloody." Another email aimed at her stated, "I will have 5 men rape your daughter by gunpoint at he address by the end of this week (sic)."

A text sent to Walter read in part, "We coming to murder your ass if you at home." The text also included his former address. An alleged Instagram message sent to him mentioned Blac by name, "Chyna holding her hand you a soul less motherf*****. So when I give my partner the okay to stab the hell out of you on your nice floor you have ... see life aint easy. I'm going keep watching you. When I'm sick of you then I kill you."

The LAPD has obtained a search warrant to zero in on the culprit(s).

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