Cardi B Trolled by Haters for Showing Stomach Hair at Grammys

'She better shave her stomach hair before modeling,' reads a comment left by one of the online trolls on a close-up photo of the 'Bodak Yellow' raptress wearing a Moschino outfit.

AceShowbiz - Haters gonna hate. %cCardi B% has been receiving online criticisms over her stomach hair. The 25-year-old raptress wore a colorful outfit by Moschino which consisted of a long jacket, a bustier and short pants during her performance at the 2018 Grammy Awards which was held on Sunday, January 28. She left the jacket unzipped, revealing her midriff on the stage.

Moschino later posted a close-up photo of the Bronx femcee in the said ensemble on its official Instagram account. People quickly noticed a slight trail of hair just above her colorful pants and people have taken to the comment section to shame Cardi.

"If she has all that stomach hair, imagine how that coochie looks like. Yicks," one hater wrote. "She better shave her stomach hair before modeling," read another comment. Another user commented, "Y'all see her happy trail though she needa shave that stomach."

Many others, however, have clapped back at the haters. "Let the haters hate boo. While they are slaves to jobs they hate, you're living your dream. And who cares about the fuzz?" one wrote a lengthy response to the negative comments. "Our bodies aren't meant for men to begin with. We do what we want with our bodies. If we want tattoos then we can have them. We want piercings, we can have them. If we want to keep our peach fuzz/hair then we fucking can keep it. We're not here for none of you hating ass men. It's not gross or disgusting, we are both with it. And ladies, don't retaliate against these ignorant ass men please. The more you feed the trolls, the higher they get. Let them blow off steam with their bullshit problems."

Another said, "I'm no fan of this woman, but seriously .. it's peach fuzz!! Every human being has it ! She has dark hair so hers is darker and more visible. GTFOH with all that noise about shaving her stomach."

"women were born with hair just like you so shut the f**k up & learn some respect before someone beats it into ya," another fan defended Cardi. Someone else added, "Oh my god, i can't believe how people lose their minds about hair on her stomach, hair is so naturally, stop stereotype the perfect women with no hair, because does not exist!!"

Her stomach hair aside, Cardi is featured in an Amazon Super Bowl ad. In the funny commercial, Alexa loses her voice and the likes of Cardi, %cGordon Ramsay%, %cAnthony Hopkins% and %cRebel Wilson% are hired as temporary replacements. It's suffice to say that they do a bad job as they leave some customers annoyed with their responses.

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