Debra Messing Is in Trouble After Slamming Megyn Kelly Over Gay Comments

After saying that she 'regrets' appearing on 'Today', the 'Will and Grace' star reportedly was given a stern warning by NBC bosses, who tell her to 'cut it out.'

AceShowbiz - Just a few days ago %cMegyn Kelly% made headlines after making controversial remarks about a gay superfan of NBC's "Will & Grace" when the revival's cast guested on "Today". Among those who criticized the host for her gay comments was none other that the comedy's star %cDebra Messing%. However, a new report suggests that the actress lands in hot water for bad-mouthing fellow NBC star.

NBC bosses have told Debra, who plays Grace on the revived show, to "cut it out," Page Six reports. Debra is said to get a stern warning following her comment saying that she "regrets" appearing on "Today" and that she was "dismayed" by the host's comments.

"Debra was told to cut it out by someone high up in the NBC Entertainment division run by Bob Greenblatt, via her agent or publicist," revealed a source. It is said that NBC folks defend Megyn's comments as "tongue-in-cheek."

During the Monday, September 25 appearance on the show, a big fan of "Will & Grace" named Russel Turner was invited to join Debra and co-stars %cEric McCormack%, %cSean Hayes% and %cMegan Mullally% on stage. Megyn later asked Turner if he's gay because of his love for Eric McCormack's Will Truman. "Is it true that you became a lawyer, and became gay, because of Will?" she asked.

"I look at Will Truman, I'm like, 'He has it made': lawyer, best apartment in New York City, and gay? Come on, trifecta," the fan responded. After giving the fan tickets to Los Angeles to attend a live taping of the sitcom, the host doubled down her controversial remarks by saying, "I don't know about the lawyer thing, but I think the 'Will & Grace' thing and the gay thing is going to work out great!"

When a fan asked Debra on Instagram why she appeared on the show, she claimed that she had no idea that "it was MK until that morning," since "the itinerary just said 'Today' Show appearance." She added, "Regret going on. Dismayed by her comments."

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