Katherine Heigl Reveals Journey From 'Sheer Panic' to Body Pride After Gaining Baby Weight

The mother-of-three has shared on her blog her experience of gaining baby weight and acceptance of 'the glorious imperfections that would forever grace my new post baby body.'

AceShowbiz - Just like other moms, %cKatherine Heigl% was concerned when she gained baby weight during pregnancy. The 38-year-old actress has revealed on her blog that she experienced "sheer panic" regarding her weight before giving birth to her son Joshua in December last year. "I gained almost 50 pounds during my pregnancy and I'm not gonna lie, I had moments of sheer panic that I'd never be able to lose it all," she wrote.

"Despite starting my gestation out on a pregnancy friendly meal plan and hiking my butt off 5 days a week my weight kept creeping up," she continued. "At a certain point, probably around 4 months I gave up the struggle and tried instead to respect my body's needs and trust my instincts."

One month after giving birth to Joshua, Katherine dropped about 30 pounds. She wrote, "The rest of the weight however has not disappeared quite so magically." She further claimed that she started to love her post-baby body at that point. "I have only lost 10 pounds since that first initial drop but that's ok because from the start that I was going to lovingly but patiently reclaim my pre baby body, and forgive the glorious imperfections that would forever grace my new post baby body."

While every woman's journey is different, "The Ugly Truth" actress shared some advice to embrace their body. "My best weight loss advice is to start every morning by saying out loud a positive mantra if your choice about your body," she explained. "Mine is 'I am easily, with good health, inspiration, grace and gratitude losing weight faster than I can even imagine with harm to none.' "

"Then I say my gratefuls. Thanking my body for its perfect health, strength, limberness, vibrancy, youthfulness and beauty," she added. "Whether I always believe these things about myself and my body or not, I say them. By saying them out loud with love and gratitude I have found that I not only start to believe them, but my body exhibits what I say and believe."

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