'Pretty Little Liars' Reveals Charlotte's Killer in Penultimate Episode

The Liars narrowly dodge being accused of another murder as someone confesses to killing Archer and Jessica.

AceShowbiz - "Pretty Little Liars" answered one of the long-standing mysteries about who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis in its penultimate episode, but still left many other questions unsolved. In tonight (June 20) episode, Mona and the girls returned to the bell tower where Charlotte died.

[SPOILER ALERT!] Turns out it was Mona who killed Charlotte. Mona said Charlotte's recovery was fake after she was released from the hospital, but only Mona who knew about it. When Mona confronted Charlotte in the bell tower, they fought and Mona pushed Charlotte up against the wall, killing her when she hit her head.

In present day, Mona was a mess and almost killed Hanna as she recreated the night Charlotte died. Fortunately, Spencer and Caleb saved Hanna. A.D. left more puzzle pieces on the car as she/he probably knew who killed Charlotte.

Also in the episode, the girls were caught in action by Detective Tanner when they intended to hide Archer's corpse. But Mary Drake saved them by confessing to the murders of Archer and Jessica. She, however, didn't say who helped her make it look like Archer was still alive.

Tune in to the series finale next week, Tuesday, June 28 at 8 P.M. on Freeform for answers to other unsolved mysteries.

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