[SPOILER] Cameo in 'Logan' Is Explained, New Photos of 'Logan' Are Out

'Logan' has started screening in the U.S. and excited people by revealing a secret cameo which had been kept for so long.

AceShowbiz - Last December, rumors swirled that %cRyan Reynolds% would make a Deadpool cameo in "Logan". The rumors, however, were soon denied by all the parties involved, including Logan depicter %cHugh Jackman% and Reynolds himself.

Now that "Logan" has started screening in the U.S., we finally learn that Deadpool indeed not appears in the movie itself. [SPOILER ALERT!] Instead, he appears right before the movie begins. According to /Film, the Merc with a Mouth is featured in a teaser for "Deadpool 2", which plays before "Logan".

Report said that Reynolds' Wade Wilson is featured walking past a crime scene in the teaser. Trying to be a hero, he enters a telephone booth to change into his Deadpool suit as the crime scene behind him gets progressively worse. Deadpool later exits the booth in his suit, running in a slow-motion, only to find a dead body on the ground.

Besides featuring the Merc with a Mouth, the scene teases the appearance of Cable, which comes in the form of the graffiti on the telephone booth. The graffiti shows a note which reads, "Nathan summers cumming soon," which refers to Cable's given name.

Meanwhile, Logan depicter Jackman has just been featured on the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. In an interview for the magazine, Jackman bid farewell to the clawed mutant as he announced that "Logan" would be his last Wolverine movie.

New photos of Jackman, which can be checked in Entertainment Weekly, show the actor doing several Wolverine impressions. A new photo of "Logan" has also been shared via verified Instagram account of "Logan", @wponx.


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As for "Deadpool 2", the movie is set to hit U.S. theaters on March 2, 2018, with its production reportedly being pushed back to a June start. %cStefan Kapicic% (Colossus), %cKaran Soni% (Dopinder the taxi driver) and %cBrianna Hildebrand% (Negasonic Teenage Warhead) will return alongside Reynolds for the second film. Earlier today, "Stranger Things" actor %cDavid Harbour% is reportedly circling the role of Cable. %cKerry Washington%, meanwhile, is reportedly eyed to play Cable's partner-in-crime Domino.

"Logan" is currently playing at U.S. theaters.

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