Michael Buble Shares Heartwarming Video for Emotional Love Song 'I Believe in You'

The Canadian award-winning singer reduces fans to tears with the beautiful clip, which follows a story of a lovestruck couple who grows old together.

AceShowbiz - Michael Buble makes his musical comeback as he shares a heartwarming video for his new single "I Belive in You". Directed by and starring "Dancing with the Stars" professional instructor Derek Hough, the emotional clip was released on Friday, February 10.

The three-and-a-half-minute clip starts with a young boy running around and climbing a tree before handing a young girl a flower he's picked from the garden. Their puppy love then transforms into a relationship between two young teens who share their first kiss while Buble's unique vocals can be heard in the background. He sings, "But I can see/ How strong a man I'm gonna have to be/ To do for you what comes so naturally/ It's in the way you move."

The two then grow up and get married before they move in to a house, where they play out an energetic and playful dance sequence. The moving clip goes on showing the protagonists have two children, fight and make up, and grow old together.

The video ends with elder version of the characters sitting on a sofa where the man presents his wife with a cardboard box. She opens it and begins crying as she picks out a bunch of dead flowers, the same blooms the man had presented to her when they're kids.

Buble took to Twitter to announce the video, writing, "New video for 'I Believe In You' directed by @derekhough! #IBelieveInYou #DerekHough." Fans quickly commented on the touching clip, revealing they'd been reduced to tears and branding it "heartwarming" and "beautiful." One user tweeted, "That was absolutely beautiful, chills and tears!!" while another wrote, "Heartwarming song, lyrics and video."

"I've been a huge fan of Michael for a long time. I think that he embodies positivity," Hough previously told PEOPLE. "He's a force for good - not only with his music, but also as a human being. He's such a good guy and I only want to be a part of good things and positive things."

He added that the theme of the video was not only inspired by Buble's sentimental lyrics, but also by his relationship with late grandparents. "My grandpa passed away this past year. My grandparents had been together for over 60 years. They danced together every morning and every evening," he said. "When I heard the song, I just kept picturing my grandparents and this love that lasted for such a long time. I wanted to show a love story that stood the test of time."

Buble previously announced he was on hiatus from his music career to care for his 3-year-old son Noah, who is being treated for liver cancer. Taking to Facebook earlier this month, the father of two happily announced that Noah was progressing well during his treatment. "We are so grateful to report that our son Noah has been progressing well during his treatment and the doctors are very optimistic about the future for our little boy," his statement read.

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