'Doctor Strange' Pre-Production Concept Art Shows Ryan Gosling as the Sorcerer Supreme

'La La Land' star Ryan Gosling looks convincingly good in the Sorcerer Supreme's cape in 'Doctor Strange' pre-production concept art drawn by Court Chu.

AceShowbiz - Even though Marvel ended up picking %cBenedict Cumberbatch% to play "Doctor Strange", %cRyan Gosling% was once considered for the role. Thanks to professional concept artist Court Chu, we get to see what Gosling would have looked like as the Sorcerer Supreme, the titular hero in the movie.

One of the pieces that Chu shared on his blog shows Gosling donning Doctor Strange's cape. The cape in the first work bears resemblance to the tunics that students and masters wear in Kamar-Taj, a fictional location that appears in "Doctor Strange". Meanwhile, the costume in the second image looks more like a superhero suit. The difference also can be spotted on how the artist drew Gosling's eyebrows.

"I worked probably not even a day on some version of Doctor Strange years ago, and back then they wanted Gosling," Chu wrote on his blog.

Marvel was searching for alternative actors who would be perfect for the role of Stephen Strange when Benedict Cumberbatch was busy with his other gigs, one of which was his role as Hamlet in a play at London's Barbican Theatre in autumn last year. Besides Ryan Gosling, other actors considered for the role were %cJoaquin Phoenix% ("Her") and %cJared Leto% ("Suicide Squad").

Even though Ryan Gosling eventually passed on the "Doctor Strange" role, he enjoyed his own success this year through his role in "La La Land". Gosling is up for Best Actor in A Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy at the upcoming Golden Globe Awards, thanks to his magical performance in the musical movie.

"Doctor Strange", also starring %cChiwetel Ejiofor%, %cRachel McAdams%, %cBenedict Wong%, %cMads Mikkelsen%, %cTilda Swinton% and %cMichael Stuhlbarg%, has earned $658 million at the worldwide box office so far. The movie will be available for purchase on Digital HD on February 14 and later followed by its Blu-ray and DVD on 28.

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