'Doctor Strange' Beats 'Iron Man' as Marvel's Highest-Grossing Solo Movie Debut

As of this weekend, the Benedict Cumberbatch-led superhero flick has bagged $616 million worldwide, surpassing the first 'Iron Man' movie which grossed $585 million.

AceShowbiz - Marvel Studios has a new dimension to source dollars. The studio has a new champion to become the highest-grossing solo movie of all time, as the first big-screen outing of Scott Derrickson's "Doctor Strange" has amassed $616 million worldwide since it opened in theaters across the globe earlier this month.

In North America, the superhero movie starring %cBenedict Cumberbatch% as the Sorcerer Supreme has collected an estimated $205.1 million as of this weekend. Internationally, it has grossed a massive $410.9 million.

In Asian markets, especially China and Korea, the flick has grossed $109.6 million and $40.9 million respectively. It excludes Japan, however, as the flick is not coming in the land of cherry blossoms until January 27 next year. Meanwhile, the superhero movie has bagged $27.5 million from the U.K.'s theaters, $21.9 million from Russia's and $20.9 million from Brazil's.

As of now, the "Doctor Strange" huge opening has surpassed that of %cRobert Downey Jr.%'s "Iron Man", which grossed $585 million back in 2008. The studio's other single-character movie debuts include "The Incredible Hulk" ($263 million), "Thor" ($450 million), "Captain America: The First Avenger" ($370 million) and "Ant-Man" ($519 million).

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