Kid Cudi Unveils 'Surfin' ' Video, Big Sean Releases Cudi Diss Track 'No More Interviews'

Cudi is joined by A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast, Jaden and Willow Smith in 'Surfin' ' video, while Sean addresses his feud with the 'Pursuit of Happiness' rapper in 'No More Interviews'.

AceShowbiz - %cKid Cudi% and %cBig Sean% release new music on the same day amid their ongoing feud. Cudi unveils a music video for her song "Surfin' ". Sean, meanwhile, shares a Cudi diss track called "No More Interviews".

Cudi's self-directed video for his %cPharrell Williams% collab features the Cleveland rapper smiling and dancing along with %cA$AP Rocky%, %cA$AP Nast%, %cJaden Smith%, %cWillow Smith%, %cKing Chip% and %cHit-Boy%.

In "No More Interviews", Sean raps, "So many friends turn to enemies, they frenemies/ I don't know why I act like I'm surprised or it's offending me/ I'm saying, though, I should have learned from Hov and Dame/ From Stunna and Wayne, Cudi and YE/ What happened to our family ways, though?/ When I put you on that song with %cNas%/ you had told me that you was forever grateful/ And that we brothers, so it hurt to hit the internet to find out that me and you don't f**k with each other/ Over a miscommunication that probably could be fixed with a 5 minute conversation/ I'm still praying."

He also calls out his ex %cNaya Rivera%, rapping, "And you know the funny thing about it is my ex wanna write a tell all/ F***ed up thing about it is she ain't even tell all/ Like how I introduced her to meditation, positive thinking/ And the books she probably read in daily rotation/ I learned when people lie on you not to return the favor/ so I won't get you embarrassed/ I won't tell them all the other parts about you that's plastic/ This my last time putting my ex in a song even though the last one went triple platinum."

Sean releases another song calls "Bounce Back" featuring %cFuture% and %cKanye West%. The lyrics include, "Last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back/ Wake up every morning, by the night, I count stacks/ Knew that ass was real when I hit, it bounce back/ (You ain't getting checks)/ Last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back/ Boy, I been broke as hell, cashed a check and bounced back/ D town LAX, every week I bounce back/ If you a real one, then you know how to bounce back."

While Cudi is still in rehab, Sean will perform "Bounce Back" live for the first time on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Monday night at 11:35 P.M. ET on NBC.

Catch me on @jimmyfallon tonight for a rare performance 'Bounce Back' live for the first time! 11:35

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