Watch Analeigh Tipton and Sofia Black D'Elia Battle Worm Flu Epidemic in 'Viral' Trailer

In the trailer, Emma (D'Elia) tries to protect her sister Stacey (Tipton) who is infected by a mysterious parasitic virus striking their small suburban neighborhood.

AceShowbiz - The official trailer for upcoming horror thriller "Viral" has arrived online for viewing pleasure. In the two-and-a-half minute video, a mysterious parasitic virus is creating worm flu epidemic in a small suburban neighborhood.

The trailer opens with a warning report about worm flu which has spread throughout the U.S. Emma is sitting in her classroom when her teacher brings up topic about the disease. Emma's (Sofia Black D'Elia) classmate Gracie (Linzie Grey) begins coughing before Emma and her male friend find her lying on the ground. When Emma goes to call a nurse, Gracie throws up on the male pal.

Emma and her sister Stacy (Analeigh Tipton) receive a phone call from their father (Michael Kelly) who tells them to stay inside the house. The sisters are partying at their house when Emma's classmate shows up and infects Stacy with the virus. Emma's boyfriend Evan (Travis Trope) asks her to leave her infected sister, but she refuses.

"We can't leave without her," Emma says, to which Evan replies, "Emma, we can't stop this thing. It takes over your body to turn you into something else."

"You can't escape when it's already inside," reads the tagline.

Directed by "Paranormal Activity" helmers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, "Viral" is set to hit U.S. theaters and Digital HD on July 29.

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