'The Good Wife' Series Finale Suggests 'Nothing's Ever Over'. How Fans React?

The end that still leaves some questions unanswered prompts fans to take to Twitter to express their disappointment.

AceShowbiz - "Nothing's ever over," that's what "The Good Wife" series finale apparently wanted to suggest. Instead of giving resolution, the final episode left some questions unanswered, leaving fans enraged and disappointed. Here's what went down in "End".

[SPOILER ALERT!] Just after Alicia (%cJulianna Margulies%) and prosecutor Connor Fox (%cMatthew Morrison%) worked out a plea deal to put Peter (%cChris Noth%) behind bars for two years, the jury wanted to hear the 911 call in the case which Peter was accused of cleaning up.

While he had stepped out of the case, Jason (%cJeffrey Dean Morgan%) came just in time with records of the 911 call. As it played, the jury asked about an inaudible noise, which Jason figured out to be a ringtone. This meant someone else was at the crime scene.

Lucca urged Alicia to thank Jason for figuring out the ringtone clue. "You tend to confuse responsibility and love," Lucca (%cCush Jumbo%) told Alicia, adding, "Think about it: Who do you want to come home to? Every night? Who do you want to see when you open your door?"

Later that night, Alicia fantasized about arriving in the kitchen and finding Jason, Peter or Will. That didn't last long as Alicia shook her head head out of her fantasy. At the office, she flashed back to Will (%cJosh Charles%) who schooled her on an old case. The memory then turned into fantasy as Alicia began to share her current issue. "Nothing's ever over - remember that," Will told her about Peter's case. He also said about their relationship, "It was romantic because it didn't happen."

Meanwhile, Peter scolded Eli (%cAlan Cumming%) for moving their investments to Alicia. Eli argued that Peter's damaged no matter how the trial would end. When Peter claimed that Alicia would be damaged too because of his reputation, Eli answered, "Alicia divorces you, she runs for office."

Alicia finally decided to meet Jason to talk about their relationship. "My head hurts every time I try to figure out what you want, what I want and how those things might coincide," Jason told her her. He thought that Alicia needed to be needed to keep her balanced and grounded.

The two later met Cary (%cMatt Czuchry%) to ask his help in Peter's case. He agreed to help as Alicia convinced him that she wanted to find out the truth, no matter if Peter's truly innocent or truly guilty. Cary then met prosecutor Matan and said they might have missed something.

Meanwhile, Peter got a call about the bullets that he had hidden to protect his donor's kid have been found. Diane had her husband Kurt test the bullets and the result was "definitive," but not good because they were from Locke's gun. Alicia wasn't sure about using it in court, but Diane was against it and brought her husband to testify.

Alicia then used Lucca to confront Kurt, accusing him of changing his testimony to align with Holly West (%cMegan Hilty%) because he's having an affair with her. A shocked Diane stormed out of the courtroom and cried. Will's back to discuss ethics. "What is the point of all this?" he asked. Alicia lamented how "things used to be simpler," but Will said, "Things were never simple." Later, Alicia renegotiated with Connor Fox about Peter's plea deal and they agreed to one year of probation, without jail time.

After solving Peter's case, Alicia was left wondering what she would do now. Will's back again and convinced her to find Jason. "Do you want to live here alone?" Will advised her. "Go to him. It's not too late." They shared an embrace in her mind. "I'll love you forever," she told him. Will replied, "I'm ok with that." Alicia called Jason, but he didn't answer.

Peter agreed to take the probation deal, but asked Alicia to stand by his side during his press conference. During the press conference, she thought she saw Jason and left Peter just before he was going to reach her hand at the end of his speech. Alicia headed for the alleyway but Jason wasn't there. Instead, Diane was behind her and when Alicia turned around, Diane slapped her. Alicia adjusted her jacket and continued walking to her uncertain future.

Many have since taken Twitter to express their frustration over how the show ended. "That was the most stubborn and disappointing finale in a long time. #TheGoodWife Not impressed. Diane for the win," Nelson Branco wrote. Amber Dowling echoed the sentiment, "Yeah so that was pretty damned disappointing."

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