Getting Women's Locker Room at Golf Club Makes Caitlyn Jenner Grateful

The 66-year-old reality TV star took to Twitter to tell her fans she was grateful that she got women's locker room at Sherwood Country Club in California.

AceShowbiz - %cCaitlyn Jenner% (formerly %cBruce Jenner%) took to Twitter to tell the world that she got women's locker room at Sherwood Country Club in Lake Sherwood, California. She posted a photo of her gray and pink visor hanging off the wooden door of her locker with her name, "Caitlyn Jenner", engraved on a gold nameplate.

The "I Am Cait" star also shared that she was grateful for the acceptance. "Grateful for my new locker at Sherwood. #welcome #acceptance," she captioned the photo. Caitlyn has been a member of the country club, where she usually plays golf at, for more than 15 years.

However, back in September 2015, the former Olympian admitted during her TV show that she was still applying for memberships under the name "Bruce." She did that to avoid confusion because "Bruce" was already listed as a member of a different golf course at Sherwood.

"My membership is under Bruce. [Applying as Caitlyn] is just not going to work," she explained. "I don't have to worry about locker rooms and all that crap right now which I don't want to worry about. I'll worry about the locker rooms later on down the line. We'll deal with all those issues down the way."

Caitlyn's reveal of her new locker came just days ahead of "I Am Cait" season 2 premiere, in which she reveals that she wants to date men. "Opening doors for you, doing all what you would think is the traditional stuff in a guy and a girl relationship," Caitlyn says in a teaser. "It would have to be a very special guy to be able to do that, but yeah, I would be open to that."

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