Seth MacFarlane, Andy Cohen and More React to Kim Davis' Arrest for Refusing Gay Marriage Licenses

Celebrities including Seth, Andy and Tom Arnold blast the Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk who was arrested after she refused orders from a federal judge to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

AceShowbiz - Many celebrities including %cSeth MacFarlane%, %cAndy Cohen% and %cTom Arnold% took to Twitter to respond to Kim Davis' arrest on Thursday, September 3 after she refused orders from a federal judge to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. They called her hypocrite for citing her Apostolic Christian beliefs about sanctity of marriage while she has been married four times.

Seth tweeted, "So if Kim Davis can sit in the county clerk's office ignoring the law without consequence, does that mean we can smoke pot there too?" Meanwhile, Andy addressed her hypocrisy as saying, "Kim Davis respects the sanctity of marriage but has been married four times?? Hmmm."

Tom, on the other hand, warned Kim about prison life, suggesting that she would get into trouble with other fellow prisoners for her homophobia. "Heads up girlfriend, if I remember visiting my sister in prison correctly it's a really really bad place for gay haters to live," he wrote. Actress %cOlivia Wilde% re-tweeted an article about Kim's arrest and wrote, "LOVE: 1 Kim Davis: 0."

Attorney and TV personality %cStar Jones% addressed Kim's hypocrisy before asking government to fire her. "Lawd! #KimDavis 'gave birth to twins 5 months after divorcing her 1st husband who were fathered by her 3rd husband but adopted by her 2nd,' " Star tweeted. "Please fire this ridiculous hypocrite. #KimDavis says it's 'impossible' for her to marry gay couples."

While people are currently criticizing the Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk, a Canadian musician who has similar name Kim Davis received a lot of misaddressed negative comments on the social media. She tried to make it clear that she's not Kim whom they meant. "I'm not that Kim Davis... Run Up," she tweeted, before adding, "For all the psycho's leaving messages for the Kim Davis they hate. We are not the same person. Leave..."

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