Stephen Amell Will Go Head-to-Head With Stardust at SummerSlam

The actor of 'The Flash' has finally been announced to face Stardust at SummerSlam after they had a short encounter in the Monday, August 10 episode of 'WWE Raw'.

AceShowbiz - %cStephen Amell% will finally have a match with %cCody Rhodes% a.k.a. Stardust at SummerSlam after they taunted each other online for months. The announcement was made when the "Arrow" actor returned as a "special guest" in the Monday, August 10 episode of "WWE Raw".

In the Monday episode, Stephen was seen sitting ringside when WWE wrestler %cAdrian Neville% had a match with %cWade Barrett% a.k.a. King Barrett. After the short match, Stardust came and ambushed Neville on the ring but Stardust's attention quickly turned to Stephen.

Stardust went down and taunted Stephen. Stardust, who turned around for a while, shockingly assaulted Stephen who didn't see it coming. The actor couldn't sit still and quickly sprang to the ring and tackled the WWE wrestler. However, security soon broke them up.

Afterwards, Stephen and Neville spoke to Triple H, who yelled at him for jumping into the ring. Surprisingly, the actor asked Triple H to make a match with Stardust. "Let us do Stardust," said Stephen. Triple H seemingly underestimated the 34-year-old actor's performance given that he is not an active wrestler.

The actor of "The Flash" couldn't take it, saying, "Whatever your lawyers want me to sign, I'll sign. Take full responsibilities for what happens," he said. "Make the match!" Triple H then agreed to make the match but warned him that he wouldn't be responsible if he died during the match. "Wade Barrett and Stardust against Neville and the Green Arrow [Stephen] at SummerSlam," Triple H said.

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