Demi Lovato Denies Ripping Off Katy Perry and Jessie J on New Single 'Cool for the Summer'

'I think more than one female artist can kiss a girl and like it,' the former Disney star responds to claims that her new single sounds like Perry's 'I Kissed a Girl'.

AceShowbiz - %cDemi Lovato% denies that her new single "Cool for the Summer" is a rip-off. The former Disney princess took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, July 1 to fire back at accusations that she copied %cKaty Perry%'s "I Kissed a Girl" and %cJessie J%'s "Domino".

"Sounds nothing like it with all the advances we've made in the LGBT community I think more than one female artist can kiss a girl and like it," she wrote, responding to claims that "Cool for the Summer" sounds like Perry's breakout song as they both feature lyrics about same-sex kissing.

"Cool for the Summer" surfaced online a day before it was officially released on July 1. A number of fans also compared it to Jessie J's "Domino", saying that the two tracks' choruses are similar.

Lovato's new single will lead her new album, which is due out sometime this year. While stopping by "On Air With %cRyan Seacrest%" on Wednesday morning, she revealed what her fans could expect from the follow-up to 2013's "Demi", saying, "I'm no longer serious. I'm done with like the sob stories and the tales. New chapter, new life, new album, new single. This is a completely new Demi."

She also hinted that the new project would have more songs like "Cool for the Summer". "There's definitely a lot of provocative songs on the album," she continued. "There's also an element that I really wanted to bring to the music. One was the rock element. I wanted to bring back that kind of rock-pop music, but I have a lot of rhythmic flares in there as well."

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