Chris Pratt Shows British Accent He Learned From 'Jersey Shore'-Like TV Show

Admitting that he learned it from a so-called British version of 'Jersey Shore', the 35-year-old actor shows off the British accent in a room full of British people.

AceShowbiz - %cChris Pratt% showed off his skill in using British accent during an appearance on "The Graham Norton Show". He told host Graham Norton that he learned it from what he called the British version of "Jersey Shore".

The "Jurassic World" actor said that his wife %cAnna Faris% was obsessed with British reality show "The Only Way Is Essex" which they watched during their stay in London. "We shot 'Guardians of the Galaxy' here in London and my wife came out to visit and she fell in love with this show 'TOWIE'. The only way it exists is basically... It's like 'Jersey Shore'. It's the 'Jersey Shore' from here," the actor explained.

"When I hear it all the time, I started picking it up and started like... I could pick up their accent and do their accent a little bit," Pratt continued. The host then made a gesture asking the 35-year-old actor to show off his British accent. "This is really embarrassing to do in front of a whole room full of Brits here but I'll try it anyways," Pratt offered gamely. "So it's like...," he said before clearing his throat and speaking in British accent.

As Pratt used British accent, the audience and fellow guests burst out laughing and applauded. It was not only because of his ability in using the accent but also because of his facial expression which turned to be slightly effeminate. The British host affirmed Pratt's proficiency in the accent but also added, "That would never be useful."

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