Lena Dunham, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss Join Taylor Swift's Exclusive Home Party

Dunham, Hadid, and Kloss look chic heading over to an exclusive home party hosted by the 'Bad Blood' songtress at her apartment in New York City.

AceShowbiz - When she wasn't busy with touring and celeb-related activities, %cTaylor Swift% hosted a home party for her famous close friends. %cLena Dunham%, %cGigi Hadid% and %cKarlie Kloss% were seen heading over to the "Bad Blood" songtress' apartment on Thursday, May 28.

Hadid and Kloss looked stylish, dressed in black. Hadid appeared with a leather jacket on her shoulders, black fitted pants and sunglasses. Meanwhile, Kloss, carrying a brown paper bag, looked more feminine in off-shoulder top and thigh-high split maxi skirt.

Dunham, alongside boyfriend %cJack Antonoff%, also attended the party. Dunham appeared matching with her boyfriend in white top. The "Happy Christmas" actress looked casual in skinny jeans which she completed with black boots and a backwards white cap. Apparently, Swift didn't want to make her party too noisy as she only called three of her "Bad Blood" squad.

On the following day, Swift was spotted going for dinner with Hadid and %cMartha Hunt%. The three stole the attention among the crowd. Swift looked chich in white top and floral skirt. The 25-year-old star took to Twitter to share a photo of the three. It showed the three walking together which coincidentally resembled the scene on Swift's "Bad Blood" clip. She captioned it, "On tonight's episode of 'Not Purposely Trying to Recreate Music Videos, Just Going Out For Indian Food.' "

Though Swift is surrounded by famous friends with supermodel figures, in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, the Billboard award-winning singer said that she accepted that she was not sexy. "It's fine. I've accepted it. I'm a lot of things. Overtly sexy is not one of them," she explained. "I'm fine. I'm fine with all the other things I am," so the singer said.

The "Shake It Off" singer has also been a positive role model for people to accept whoever they are. "As an artist you should embrace what comes naturally to you, whatever role feels right. I would never encourage an artist to try to and fit in to a role that seemed to be created for them by a bunch of record label guys in suits in a conference room," she added. "I think for me it feels very natural to talk to teenagers and people my age... about feelings and what they're going through and their insecurities."

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