Robert Redford Tells Dolby College's Graduates to Take Risk and Be Bold

Speaking before thousands of graduates, Redford reminded them about the real challenges they will face and the need to have connection with the environment.

AceShowbiz - %cRobert Redford% delivered commencement speech before thousands graduates at Colby College on May 24. He reminded the graduates about real challenges they would face once they left the college.

"You're stepping into a world that's, well, pretty rough. It's pretty chaotic, pretty divisive. You've got climate change, you've got debt, you've got wars, you've got political paralysis. It's kind of a grim story," the Oscar winner told the graduates. "But the story, I think, can be retold, and I really believe that you're the ones to do it."

Redford also encouraged the graduates to make use of the knowledge and skills they obtained from the college for betterment. "This school has provided you with the tools and it's provided you with the history ... to go out in the world and make a difference," he said.

The actor/dirrector also emphasized the need of collaboration. "So what we're needing, also, is another word that is missing - it's collaboration," he said. "The collaboration that connects you, not only to each other, but also to the planet."

"Don't be afraid to take a risk. Don't be afraid of failure. Be bold," he advised the new graduates.

The president of the college, David A. Greene, praised Redford for his strong commitment to environment, arts and freedom of expression. He said that Redford and the college had much in common.

Redford was a student at the University of Colorado but he dropped out during his second year of study. He later took classes at the Pratt Institute and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

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