Video: 'Price Is Right' Contestants Make Excessive Bid for iPhone 6

Two contestants on the game show have no idea the price of a new 16GB iPhone 6, guessing that it costs at least $7,500.

AceShowbiz - Some people apparently have no idea how much an iPhone 6 costs. Two contestants on "The Price Is Right" recently made outrageous bids when asked how much the retail price of the new edition of the iPhone series is.

The first contestant, Yorkquinci, clocked in her answer at $7,500. Mark, the second to make a bid, estimated the gadget to be $7,501. Their answers made audience burst into laughter. Even host %cDrew Carey% couldn't keep a straight face, saying, "I hope the marketing people at Apple are watching this."

The other two competitors made more reasonable bids, $850 and $930. Actually, the retail price of 16GB iPhone 6 and a one-year calling plan is $1,969.

Speaking of epic fail, some "Wheel of Fortune" contestants made host %cPat Sajak% puzzled with terrible answers last November. He lost it and almost walked off the set when two contestants made similar wrong guesses involving "a horse."

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