Power Outage During 'The Interview' Screening Gives Moviegoers a Scare

Electricity suddenly went off during the screening of the Kim Jong-Un assassination comedy, leaving audience in a New Jersey theater confused and frightened.

AceShowbiz - Moviegoers at a New Jersey theater were shocked and scared when electricity went off during a screening of "The Interview" on Thursday, December 25. The power outage happened at Allwood Cinemas 6 in Clifton and lasted for about 15 minutes.

The power was off just before the controversial scene in which North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was killed. Some people in the audience quickly left the venue. When the lights came back on, theater staff announced people could return for a later showing.

A spokeswoman for Public Service Electric and Gas Co. later explained that a downed power line caused the outage.

The comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco was supposed to hit theaters last week, but the release came to a halt when hackers targeting Sony vowed a 9/11-style attack. The studio decided to bring back the movie for a limited release in U.S. theaters after getting support from public. The movie is also now available for rental on YouTube, Google Play, and other online platforms.

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