Ricky Martin Plans to Take Partner to Red Carpet Event

The Puerto Rican star admits he has been in a relationship with someone whom he might introduce to media at a red carpet occasion and whom he wants to get married with.

AceShowbiz - After admitting that he is gay back in May, %cRicky Martin% has now promised public that he would introduce his partner at a red carpet event. "We'll walk onto the red carpet together I guess," the "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer told U.S. newsman %cLarry King% on Tuesday, November 9.

Martin, who bares his personal life including his sexuality in new memoir "Me", told King that he has been "in a relationship" and he is "very happy." The 38-year-old star shared, "It's usually very overwhelming to start a relationship... and to be in a relationship with Ricky Martin."

"It gets a little bit more overwhelming for some reason now at this moment in my life when I am presenting my book and everything," he went on. "But you know, we're not afraid of anything, we're not hiding anything."

Martin even admitted that he wants to make his union with his mystery lover official. "I would get married... There are many countries around the world where same-sex marriage is a right. Not in Puerto Rico, unfortunately. And not in many states in America," the singer who will celebrate his birthday next month said.

Although saying that he could wed in Spain or Argentina, Martin is still upset with the lack of the options he has. "Why do we have to go somewhere else? Why can't I do it in my country where the laws are - you know, protecting me?" he mused.

"I can go to Spain. I have many friends in Spain. And get married. And make it very beautiful and symbolic. But... I (can't) do it in the backyard of my house," Martin continued. "I want to have that option. I don't want to be a second class citizen anymore. I pay my taxes. Why can't I have that right?"

Beside talking about his partner and his dream to get married with the loved one, Martin also told King he has been a victim of online bullies ever since he came out. "I am bullied today... It's very weird because, you know, I'm a Twitter fan. And I check my messages all the time, and you can get 100 messages of love. And you're very happy. And then you get that one message of a hater (sic) and... if you're (having) a bad day it ruins your afternoon. It's so sad that there is still hate out there," Martin said.

Ricky Martin on "Larry King Live":

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