Angelina Jolie Talks Desire for More Adoption, the Video

In an interview with NBC's "The Today Show" Thursday, October 16, she admitted to still have the desire for more adoption after having six children in total.

AceShowbiz - Stopping by NBC's "The Today Show" for an interview with host Matt Lauer, %cAngelina Jolie% revealed her desire for more adoption despite the fact that she and her actor partner %cBrad Pitt% have had three biological children and three adopted ones. "Yeah," the actress-mother said with a smile when the subject was brought up by the talk show host. "I have something in mind."

Avoiding to discuss the issue even further, Jolie explained when being asked if she would like to adopt another kid soon, "It depends. You can't even start the process until any new children are six months old, to understand how the new family has settled." As for how her eldest kids, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh adjust to the newborn twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, she said they are all well with the babies.

Jolie, moreover, even praised Maddox, calling him "the professional big brother" of the family because "he's done it so many times." She went on revealing, "We prepared them. We talked to them about what was coming, and they are all at that great age that they aren't threatened, that they are independent enough to not need Mommy and Daddy all the time, and to be able to enjoy the kids. They play with them. They change their diapers. They call them their babies and dress them up."

And while adjusting to the family's new additions isn't something new for her children, Jolie said the kids also are getting used to peripatetic lifestyle, adding they all enjoy moving around the globe. "So far we've moved them a lot, and they like moving," she told Matt.

Jolie's full interview on "The Today Show" Thursday, October 16, can be watched in the video below.

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