July 22, 2017  

Steve Harvey's Suicidal Ex-Wife Sues Him for $60M

May 19, 2017 (4:01 am) GMT
The 60-year-old comedian is sued by his ex-wife who claims that she's been mentally ill following their divorce in 2005.
Steve Harvey's Suicidal Ex-Wife Sues Him for $60M

and his ex-wife Mary Shackelford finalized their divorce in 2005, but the problem doesn't end there. Mary sues Steve for $60 million and claims that he has "damaged her soul" after 9 years of marriage.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Mary hasn't recovered from their split. The document was not filed by her lawyer, but a woman who claims to be her "civil rights activist." Mary states that she's been suicidal and relies on self-medication in order to deal with the aftermath of their highly publicized divorce battle.

Mary is suing the "" host for child endangerment, torture, conspiracy against rights, kidnapping, murder, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She says that she's physically and emotionally distressed. "The plaintiff had [lost] her son, had her businesses taken from her, nowhere to live, all Mother's Days had been painful and empty," the document reads.

Prior to the lawsuit, a series of interviews with Mary were posted on YouTube in April. In the interview, Mary claimed that she never received her divorce settlement. "The judge said our divorce would be contingent upon the division of community assets but that never happened," she stated.

She also said that she tried to ask for a copy of her divorce decree, but she wasn't allowed to see it. "All I know is that it's been sealed from the public, but it can't be sealed against me," Mary shared, before adding that in the end she never got to see the decree.

"Steve Harvey owes me $50 million and I want him arrested for violating my civil rights," Mary later said. "I want him charged with a constitutional rights violation, falsifying documents, perjury, contempt of court, embezzlement, extortion and collusion. For what he's done to me, I want to see Steve Harvey behind bars."

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