May 26, 2017  

Khloe Kardashian Ditches Her Sisters for Rob Kardashian's Imaginary Friend

May 19, 2017 (3:26 am) GMT
The reality TV star is tired of being ignored by her sisters all the time and chooses to hang out with Cornelius, Rob Kardashian's imaginary pal.
Khloe Kardashian Ditches Her Sisters for Rob Kardashian's Imaginary Friend

has had enough of her sisters, and . In a sneak peek for the new episode of "", Khloe complains about how she's constantly being ignored by them and then decides to "revive" 's imaginary friend, Cornelius.

In the video posted by E! News, Khloe goes into a shop in Palm Spring with Kourtney and Kim. The "" host makes a comment about the shop's unique lamps. However, her sisters do not respond and continue talking to each other, upsetting her.

"They really walked away. Okay, I'll just keep talking to myself," Khloe says to no response. "My sisters walk away from me when I'm talking 24/7," she shares in an interview for the show. "Nobody seems to care. But I don't know if that means I talk too much or if I'm not talking the right things. I'm trying to figure that out."

But Khloe doesn't want to give up and decides to talk to Cornelius. "Cornelius, should we buy this for Rob? It's $695," Khloe wonders as she explores the store. "Do you want to buy Rob that painting 'cause you know him a little better than I do?" she asks again.

After her shopping session with her so-called pal, Khloe calls Rob to tell him about her "reunion" with Cornelius. "Rob, in Palm Springs, Cornelius came by. Isn't that crazy?" she tells him. "That's interesting," he answers, before saying that he doesn't really talk to Cornelius anymore as he no longer feels comfortable talking to him.

"Guess what? Cornelius is here with me. I don't need you guys!" Khloe later announces to her sisters.

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