July 22, 2017  

Leonardo DiCaprio 'Dumps' Nina Agdal for This Hot Blonde

May 19, 2017 (2:39 am) GMT
The 42-year-old actor reportedly wants to date British model Roxy Horner as he has flown around the globe to 'wine and dine' the blonde beauty.
Leonardo DiCaprio 'Dumps' Nina Agdal for This Hot Blonde

Did dump for another woman? Rumor has it, the actor has had his eyes on British model Roxy Horner, even when he was still dating the Danish babe.

A report from Radar Online suggested that DiCaprio and Horner first met at a London club last year. The pair were said spending their time together more frequently in New York. "Leo has been texting Roxy in the past month, even though everyone thinks Nina is his girlfriend," a source told the news outlet. The two reportedly have been friends for years, but he wants more than just friends.

The insider further claimed that Horner did her best to keep DiCaprio at a distance, and it allegedly drove him crazy. "Leo never gets rejected," an insider shared. "It's a totally new experience for him and he hates it. It's only made him want Roxy even more!"

While the "" star has flown around the world to "wine and dine" the blonde beauty, she's reportedly "not interested in him in that way. Her friends all joke about it." In fact, she's already in a relationship with British musician , and they are said to be happy. "Most models are falling over themselves to date Leo, despite his reputation as a womanizer," Horner's close friend told the publication. "But she just values their friendship."

It was previously reported that DiCaprio had parted ways with Agdal after almost a year of dating. The Oscar-winning actor was reportedly not ready to take the next step in their relationship as he didn't want to rush into marriage. "He's not ready to settle down and just isn't in the mindset to get married or have kids," a source told PEOPLE.

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