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'Star Trek: Discovery' Releases Epic First Trailer, Photos and Poster

May 18, 2017 (6:12 am) GMT
The long-awaited CBS series stars 'The Walking Dead' actress Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham and Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou.
'Star Trek: Discovery' Releases Epic First Trailer, Photos and Poster

After a long wait, fans finally have the first look at CBS' new series set in "Star Trek" universe, "". The network has unveiled the very first epic trailer for the prequel series as well as releases a slew of photos and a poster.

The trailer opens with Sonequa Martin-Green's First Officer Michael Burnham and 's Captain Philippa Georgiou, captain of the starship Shenzou, walking through a desert planet. "It's hard to imagine, you've served under me for seven years. Commander Burnham, I think it's time we talk about you having your own command," Captain Georgiou tells Burnham, before jumping aboard the Discovery. Judging by the trailer, the two seemingly will play major roles in the journey throughout the series.

The lavishly produced trailer later offers a glimpse of a dark and sleek new starship bridge, the royal blue Starfleet uniforms as well as introduces ("") as Lt. Saru, a Starfleet Science Officer and member of a new alien species in the "Star Trek" universe who can sense oncoming death.

Also featured in the trailer is Sarek (), who says an intriguing remark which indicates that Burnham is a human raised by Vulcans. Several angry-looking Klingons are glimpsed as Georgiou instructs to contact all of the Starfleet commands. "We have engaged the Klingons," she says with a very serious look.

"Star Trek: Discovery", which is set a decade before the events on the original 1960 series, also stars Chris Obi as the Klingon T'Kuvma, as the captain of the show's titular starship, Discovery, as the ship's doctor and as the hapless Harry Mudd from the original TV show.

In addition to the trailer, CBS has unveiled a slew of promotional photos and a poster for the upcoming series. One of the photos features the look at Officer Burnham and Captain Georgiou in the aforementioned desert planet, which is taken in Jordan. Another photo, meanwhile, offers a look at Obi's T'Kuvma standing in something resembles a podium.

Georgiou, Burnham and Lt. Saru ensemble in one of the photos. Alongside "Star Trek: Discovery" official poster, CBS also announces on Twitter that they have extended the series' episode into 15 episodes from the initial 13 episodes, with an aftershow called "Trek Talk".

CBS has yet to announce the exact premiere date of the series. Featuring the ground-breaking franchise's most diverse cast ever, the show will debut on CBS this fall, before shifting to its regular home on the CBS All Access streaming channel.

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