May 29, 2017  

Alec Baldwin's Wife Mad Over His Confession of Love for Tina Fey

April 21, 2017 (9:17 am) GMT
Hilaria Baldwin is not happy after her husband revealed in his book that he fell in love with Tina Fey when he first met her at a 'Saturday Night Live' rehearsal.
Alec Baldwin's Wife Mad Over His Confession of Love for Tina Fey

revealed in his newly published memoir that he fell in love with when he first met her at a "" rehearsal. While the actor later clarified that he meant he fell in love with her "talent," his wife Hilaria Baldwin is reportedly livid over his crush on his former "" co-star.

"Alec is in the dog house again over his big mouth. His wife, Hilaria Baldwin, was not laughing after he admitted that he loved other women," a source tells Naughty Gossip. "She demanded that he put out a statement clarifying what he meant, and that is exactly what Alec did. Hilaria wears the pants in the family and if you think Alec has a temper, you don't want to upset her."

A friend of Hilaria claims that the yoga instructor always knew what her husband meant and she is also close with Tina, but Alec apparently still had to explain his remark. The 59-year-old actor took to Facebook to clarify his statement in his book "Nevertheless: A Memoir", "When I write that I am 'in love' with Megan Mulalley [] or or Tina Fey, I mean that I am in love with their talent. As a happily married man who wants to stay that way (ahem), I wanted to clarify that."

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