April 23, 2017  

There Will Be More Iconic Actors in Future Marvel Movies, Says Kevin Feige

April 21, 2017 (4:12 am) GMT
Marvel has tapped high-caliber actors such as Kurt Russell, Cate Blanchett, Sylvester Stallone and Robert Redford to join MCU and has no plans for stopping there.
There Will Be More Iconic Actors in Future Marvel Movies, Says Kevin Feige

After tapping high-caliber actors such as , , , and to join Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel's head Kevin Feige divulged that he would add more iconic actors to future Marvel movies. Speaking to Fandango, Feige explained that there were several Hollywood's best names which came to his mind.

"There are a few [names] that are coming up, actually. I'll keep this spoiler-free, but be assured that there are more surprises of that caliber heading into our universe in the next few films," said Feige. The Marvel chief confirmed that he once had a meeting with "The Godfather" legend , but when asked whether Pacino would be one of the veteran actors added in MCU, Feige said, "No... not in this case. Someday, someday, but there are others that I'm thinking of right now."

Marvel has continuously handed over big roles to Hollywood iconic actors in the past few years. Russell, for instance, is playing Peter Quill's () father in the upcoming "", while Blanchett will portray Thor's () new enemy Hela in "". In addition to tapping those big stars, Marvel has been successfully turning new talents, such as , into a star.

In the meantime, we can watch Russell and Stallone's performance in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2". Also starring (Gamora), (Rocket Raccoon), (Drax), (Baby Groot), (Nebula), Sean Gunn (Kraglin) and (Mantis), the movie is set to be released in the U.S. on May 5.

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