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'American Gods' Cast and Crew Hint at 'War' Between the Gods in New Featurette

April 21, 2017 (2:26 am) GMT
Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon) teases that 'a storm is brewing' between the old and new Gods, while executive producer Neil Gaiman emphasizes that 'a war is coming' on Starz's upcoming series.
'American Gods' Cast and Crew Hint at 'War' Between the Gods in New Featurette

As "" premiere date is only a week away, the cast and crew offer more insights into the plot of Starz's TV series adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name in a newly-released featurette. Titled "A Storm Is Brewing", the featurette gives a better idea of what to expect on the series starring and .

The featurette opens with Mr. Jaquel (Chris Obi) visiting an old woman who has just died. "You have died, Mrs. Fadil. And it is time for you to come with me," explains Mr. Jaquel, the Anubis a.k.a. the Ancient Egyptian god of the dead and mummification.

Ricky later offers details about his character, Shadow Moon. "When we first meet Shadow, he's in prison. And the warden brings him into his office and reveals that his wife was in an accident," explains Ricky as a scene of his character is shown. Neil Gaiman, who also serves as the executive producer, says, "Shadow is broken and then he meets a mysterious old hustler, who calls himself Wednesday, who offers him a job."

Executive Producer Michael Green adds that when Shadow works with Mr. Wednesday (Ian), he comes to realization that Gods exist and "they're walking around the earth" with them. "There is a storm brewing between the new Gods and the old," Ricky teases. "The old Gods and new Gods have the same power source, which is worship," executive producer Bryan Fuller further adds, followed by a scene when Bilquis (Yetide Badaki) absorbs a man's energy during her ritual.

The Biblical and mythical golds of old have been replaced by technology, media, money and fame, according to Ricky. "Without worship and without that belief, that they get from people, the Gods essentially lose all of their abillities, all of their standing, all of their power and can ultimately die out," says Bruce Langley, who portrays one of the new Gods, Technical Boy. At the end of the featurette, Neil concludes, "War is coming, and Wednesday and Shadow are going across America to enlist old Gods in a war against the new Gods."

In addition to the featurette, a new promotional banner featuring several of the main characters has been unveiled via Entertainment Weekly. The banner sees Shadow, Mr. Wednesday, Bilquis, Laura Moon (), Technical Boy and Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber).

"American Gods" premieres April 30 on Starz.

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