April 23, 2017  

Rick Ross and Gucci Mane Have Fun With Strippers in New Video for 'She on My D**k'

April 18, 2017 (4:17 am) GMT
The 41-year-old hip-hop star and the 'Back on Road' rapper join forces in the NSFW extravagant video to party with scantily-clad women in a strip club.
Rick Ross and Gucci Mane Have Fun With Strippers in New Video for 'She on My D**k'

has premiered a music video for "She on My D**k" ft. on VEVO. The four-minute clip finds Ross and Mane having fun in a strip club, as they are surrounded by strippers while delivering their verses. Fellow rappers and are also seen in the visuals.

The video begins with the strip club's manager barging in and instructing the strippers to get ready for important clients. "We got a motherf**kin' red alert in this b***h. We got Rick Rozay, we got Young Dolph, we got motherf**kin' Guwop. Y'all ready to get this money? I need all hands on deck," the manager says.

One of the dancers screams in excitement, "Oh my God, Rick Ross? I'm scared." The manager seems to be unfazed, saying, "Get your a** up there and go get Rick Ross. Rub that n***a beard. Get up there now, Goddamnit."

The clip then focuses on Ross and Mane who have a blast among the dancing strippers. The music video looks like a typical hip-hop video with women flaunting their bodies and money being tossed around. The clip is labeled NSFW as it shows frontal images of women's breasts and buttocks.

"B***h hair nappy girl, you need that rich s**t (huh)/ It take real heart to wanna be a rich b***h. She was the youngest and her mama had six kids/ Called her a dummy but she turned into rich b***h (haha)," Ross raps. "Run with a n***a with some money out in Memphis (I see)/ She was postin' pics of the gifts that he would gift her (I see)/ But the p***y goes to the richest n***a (I see)/ And guess what? Rozay is that n***a!"

"She on My D**k" is one of the tracks off Rozay's latest effort "" which was released on March 17. The album also features diss tracks titled "Apple of My Eye", which addresses 's past relationship with , and "Idols Become Rivals", which slams CEO of Cash Money Records in his feud with .

"Rather You Than Me" is currently at No. 16 on Billboard 200 chart.

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