April 29, 2017  

Emma Watson's Salary for 'Beauty and the Beast' Is Unveiled. Find Out How Much

March 18, 2017 (4:02 am) GMT
Emma is reportedly getting $3 million as an upfront pay, but her final payday can escalate up to five times more if the film's final gross is similar to 'Maleficent'.
Emma Watson's Salary for 'Beauty and the Beast' Is Unveiled. Find Out How Much

It's less than 24 hours since "" hit the U.S. theaters, and the movie reportedly already raked in $60 million by Friday afternoon, March 17. And if the movie keeps earning more, will apparently get more money too for portraying Belle in the Disney live-action film.

Emma is reportedly receiving $3 million as an upfront pay, but she will be making a lot more depending on how much money the film will make in theaters. If the movie reaches similar amount to 's "", which brought in $759 million worldwide, Emma's salary for the live-action remake could go up to $15 million.

Some sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that there's no need for Disney to pay big upront salaries, like the big $20 million paycheck that stars like get for playing in Netflix's "". The production company is believed as "the right vehicle for the right star." However, the studio also "has the luxury to not have to put a star in there."

"The IP is the star of the movie," a producer claimed. "If you hired as Belle, would it really make a difference in the opening [of 'Beauty and the Beast']?" said the producer, before adding, "Unlikely."

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