March 27, 2017  

Machine Gun Kelly and Hailee Steinfeld Do Their Best in New Song 'At My Best'

March 17, 2017 (4:53 am) GMT
After his collaboration with Camila Cabello in one of 2016's biggest hits, 'Bad Things', Machine Gun Kelly teams up with another female pop star, Hailee Steinfeld, in his new song 'At My Best'.
Machine Gun Kelly and Hailee Steinfeld Do Their Best in New Song 'At My Best'

After his collaboration with ex-member of , , in "Bad Things" became a great success, produced a follow-up single which features another female singer, . "Maybe we'll lean into a new single with Hailee Steinfeld this week, I don't know, maybe that's a thing, which I think it is a thing," he said in an interview with Tiger Beat about the new single.

"I swear it ain't me/ I'm scared," Hailee sings in the chorus of the rap pop song. Her sweet voice contributes to the "feel" in the beat.

The Young Gunner took to his Instagram account on March 14 to tease his fans with "At My Best" cover art. He tagged the 20-year-old actress-turned-singer in the caption, writing, "at my best ft. [Hailee Steinfeld] -friday 3/17."

at my best ft @haileesteinfeld - friday 3/17

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh young gunner (@machinegunkelly) pada

"At My Best" is a service single in MGK's upcoming third studio album which reportedly is set to be released this year. However, only time will tell whether the follow-up single could beat "Bad Things" success being one of the top hits in the Billboard.

The 26-year-old rapper commented on this, comparing "At My Best" with the previous hit, "Bad Things". "We have a whole run of that song ahead of us... the song, just like 'Bad Things', it's another feel song, it makes you feel something. I think when you're like, the voice that's... controlling someone's emotions, that's just like the best therapy ever," he told Tiger Beat.

The "Wild Boy" hitmaker was recently featured on 's single, "No More Sad Songs", while Hailee is currently filming "". "At My Best" is set to arrive in full on March 17.

UPDATE: The full version of Machine Gun Kelly's "At My Best" featuring Hailee Steinfeld has been officially released. Check out the audio below.


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