May 24, 2017  

Blac Chyna's Secret Sex Tape Is Bigger Than Kim Kardashian's

March 16, 2017 (3:07 pm) GMT
The 28-year-old model reportedly has a sex tape and it will be released soon.
Blac Chyna's Secret Sex Tape Is Bigger Than Kim Kardashian's

Move out ! is ready to release her own sex tape. The raunchy video is reportedly bigger than the one released by the "" star. She's planning to show everything.

"Blac Chyna sex tape will be coming soon. She knows a sex tape changed Kim's career and now she plans to take the same career path," sources tell Naughty Gossip, "This is her moment in the spotlight and she is not going to waste it. She loves fame and wants to be bigger than Kim. Plus, she thinks she looks fantastic naked."

Blac unveiled her dramatic weight loss in just four months after giving birth to her daughter with , Dream. She took to Snapchat to share a photo of herself stepping on a scale, showing how much she's lost since giving birth to her daughter back in November. "From 192 to 148.8," she captioned it.

The "" star also posted on Instagram a video of her donning a pink bodysuit and short, blonde hair for a photo shoot. Taken from various angles, the video showed her stunning curves in the tight outfit.

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