May 24, 2017  

Rick Ross' Ex-Fiancee Lira Galore Is Allegedly Featured in Leaked Sex Tape

March 3, 2017 (9:44 am) GMT
The Instagram model allegedly stars in a super graphic sex tape which features NBA star Lance Stephenson-look alike.
Rick Ross' Ex-Fiancee Lira Galore Is Allegedly Featured in Leaked Sex Tape

Lira Galore is known for never being hesitate to flaunt her incredible body in social media. However, it seems like 's ex-fiancee has taken her hobby to flaunt her body to a whole different level. She allegedly stars in a very intense sex tape that leaked online on Thursday, March 2.

It is not confirmed in any way that the woman featured in the video is indeed Lira. However, the woman in question shares the very similar shoulder ink to what Lira has. In the video, the woman, who is allegedly Lira, can be seen giving an oral pleasure to a man who resembles NBA star Lance Stephenson.

The topless woman, who lays down and smiles at the camera, seems enjoying her hot times with the man. The man who looks like the former Minnesota Timberwolves player doesn't show any signs of timidity as he shows his full face to the camera.

When the video was taken or whether the two were actually dating are still unclear. However, judging by the video, it seems like the man is behind the camera during the sexy encounter.

Lira has been rumored dating and has been spotted partying with . She gets her name known when she was engaged to rapper before calling it quits a few months after their engagement in September that year.

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