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Nick Viall Reportedly Causes Drama on 'DWTS' Set as 'Bachelor' Creator Confirms His Casting

March 1, 2017 (4:28 am) GMT
'The Bachelor' boss Mike Fleiss tweets, '[Nick] will be doing some dancing in the near future' following reports that the Wisconsin native will compete in season 24 of 'Dancing with the Stars'.
Nick Viall Reportedly Causes Drama on 'DWTS' Set as 'Bachelor' Creator Confirms His Casting

The official casting announcement of "" season 24 isn't released yet, but all clues seem to confirm 's participation. Recently, "" creator Mike Fleiss added fuel to the rumors.

He first teased on Monday, February 27, "The official historic announcement regarding #thebachelor is coming shortly..." He followed it up with a cryptic post, "I am happy to announce that @viallnicholas28 will be doing some dancing in the near future!!! #TheBachelor."

Hinting that you can expect to see Nick on the ballroom, Mike further teased, "If you're wondering why this announcement was historic, just wait til you see #TheBachelor dance!!! #thelittlekicks."

Meanwhile, Radar Online reports that Nick has caused a major drama on the set of the ABC dancing competition series even before the season starts. "They have already started doing some promo work for the upcoming season," an alleged production insider tells the site.

"The producers and other people on staff for 'DWTS' are saying that Nick is one of the most arrogant and self-entitled people that they have ever had on the show!" the source adds. "He was trying to negotiate a higher salary than anyone else since he also appears on 'The Bachelor'."

The source additionally claims, "Nick is acting like he is God's gift to the show and they are lucky that they have him on this season. Some people think he is extremely hungry for fame and for press and is already coming across like a complete a**."

The official casting lineup will be announced on "" on Wednesday, March 1. The new season of "DWTS" kicks off Monday, March 20 at 8 P.M. ET/PT on ABC.

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